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Everest Base Camp in Tibet
Everest Base Camp in Tibet, the original location

The tent camp by the Everest is the closest you can get to the highest mountain in the world if you are not climbing it. The tent camp is located at 5,000 meters above the sea level. It offers awe-inspiring views to the visitors.

The camp consists of a number of large tents made of yak hair. In a typical tent, you will find dorm beds and a stove in the middle of the tent.

Climbers don’t stay in the same base camp. They set up their own tents about 3 km from the tent camp in a military protected zone.


Panorama view of Everest Tent Camp in Tibet

In 2019, the large cleanup project started in the Everest Region. The tent camp moved for a few kilometers from the original base camp. The new location of the Everest tent camp will be right by the Rongbuk monastery. View on Everest is one of the best from this location.

Tips on staying in a tent camp:

  • the doors don’t lock; don’t leave your valuables inside the tent. You can leave anything in your tourist car.
  • the stove can get very hot, be careful not to touch it
  • there are plenty of blankets in each tent, however, they are rarely washed. Bring your sleeping bag or a sleeping bag insert t use with the blankets.

How to Get to the Everest Base Camp

You can reach EBC in Tibet by the newly built road through the Himalayan mountains or by trekking to it.

Mountain roads in Tibet
Mountain roads in Tibet

Driving to the EBC

Most of the visitors arrive at the camp from Shigatse. This scenic road is zigzagging through the mountain ranges with amazing views.

The road to Everest begins after the checkpoint in Shegar. First, we are driving down the Friendship highway until we reach the Chay village. After that, there is an ascent to the Pangla Pass (5,050 meters). From the pass opens an incredible view of the Himalayan range. In the clear weather, you can see Makalu, Lhotse, Everest, Shishabangma and Cho Oyu mountains on the horizon.

The road descents after the pass and we continue our way to the Everest.


Trekking to EBC

Another great way to visit Everest Base Camp is to trek there. The trek begins in Old Tingri, a small village. It  usually takes 3-4 days to reach the Base Camp from there. During the trek, you will go over several high passes and see amazing views of the Himalayas.

Total duration of the tour, including trekking is 12 days, including the time to acclimatize, three days of trekking and a road back to Lhasa.


What to see near the tent camp

Meditation cave in Rongbuk monastery
Meditation cave in Rongbuk monastery

There is a Rongbuk Monastery, the highest monastery in the world about 8km away from the tent camp. There are many meditation caves where monks and nuns from the monastery go on retreats.

One of the most important and famous caves is located about 1 km away from the EBC. It makes a great short hike from the tent camp and we highly recommend visiting it. There are only a few nuns staying there and a monk. Nuns are usually on a silent retreat there and won’t speak.

Padma Sambhava meditated in this cave in the 8th century. You can spend time in this cave relaxing and meditating.

We cannot access the cave in 2019 because of the cleanup project in the area. However, we hope that the area will open later for tourists.

Weather: When you should visit EBC

Everest North Face from Tibet

Due to the high elevation, the climate in the Everest region is very harsh, with low temperatures all year round and strong winds. Even if you are visiting Everest Base Camp in summer, you need a warm jacket, gloves and it’s good to have a scarf and a hat.

The sunshine is very strong, you should bring sunglasses to enjoy the beauty of the mountain.

From the middle of June until the middle of September monsoon brings clouds into the area, that can cover the peak. It is still possible to see Mount Everest very early in the morning. However, if your goal is to bring back stunning photos of the mountain, we recommend coming in spring or fall.

During winter, the area enjoys summer weather most of the time. As the wind gets stronger, locals have to take down tents until April-May. Visitors can stay in the guesthouse of the Rongbuk Monastery located 8 km away from the tent camp.

It can snow in the Everest Base Camp even in summer. However, snow doesn’t stay for a long time as the wind blows it away.

Tours to the Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest and Rongbuk monastery in Tibet

8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Tour

A beautiful and exciting journey, starting in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and going to the Everest Base Camp. The tour visits Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera, Drepung and Tashilhunpo monasteries, Kumbum Stupa, Yamdrok Lake and Karola glaciers.

Both group and private tours are available

Stupas of The Dira Puk Monastery by the Kailash Mountain in Tibet

15 Days Mount Kailash Pilgrimage

This tour takes you from Lhasa to Kailash, the most sacred mountain in Tibet. On the way, we will make stops at the most beautiful places, including Yamdrok lake, Karola glaciers, Manasarovar lake, and Mount Everest. After that, we will head to three-day trek around Mount Kailash, the holy pilgrimage route for four religions.

Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal

7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour

This tour starts in Lhasa. We will stay there for 2 days to explore the capital and acclimatize. After that, we will head to the center of attraction in Himalayas – Mount Everest. We will spend a night by the highest mountain on a planet and continue driving through majestic mountain ranges, alongside rivers and waterfalls to the border between Tibet and Nepal.

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