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Visiting Tibet is a truly unusual and exciting experience! If you don’t know where to start and what to do below we listed a few ideas.

  • walk around Bakhor Street like a true local. Yes, we know that Bakhor street is featured in all guidebooks and suggestions. We recommend you waking up at or before the sunset and walking there early. What you will see is amazing: there are no crowds of tourists, only Tibetans walking around the Jokhang Temple or lining up to visit it. Stores and restaurants are still closed. Juniper incense is burned in giant incense burners. If you follow our advise, you will take the best photos of the street.
  • visit one of the small temples in the Old Town. There are many small temples around Bakhor Street that don’t see crowds of tourists. They are, however, very well maintained and you can spend plenty of time there without being rushed.
  • have lunch or dinner in one of the local tea houses. Some of them might not look very fancy, but they serve delicious authentic Tibetan food. Some tea shops have English menu, while most of them will only have pictures.

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