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The weather varies greatly with the altitude and the region in Tibet.

There are all four seasons in Tibet, although some mountain areas might be rather cold even in summer because of the high altitude.

Central Tibet and some southern regions can be very warm in summer, and winters are not as cold as many people imagine. Lhasa, for example, enjoys very comfortable temperatures throughout the year with warm summers and mild winters.

Weather in Lhasa

Contrary to common belief, weather in Lhasa and surrounding areas is pleasant most of the year. Summers are typically warm with some hot days and cool evenings. Spring and fall are not very cold with lots of sunny days. Even in winter temperature rarely goes below -5 °C /23 °F and the lowest temperature can be around -10 °C /14 °F.

The rainfall is higher during summer months. Monsoon season brings rains from late June through September. It is also often clouded during that time. October through March are very dry and you can enjoy sunshine almost every day.

Most of the tourists visit Lhasa starting from April until the end of November. However, if you visit Lhasa during winter months, you will enjoy less crowded streets, monasteries, and other attraction sites.

The best time to visit Lhasa is from April till the end o October. The weather in April and May won’t be hot, but there is a lower chance of rain. The temperature in June through September is warmer than in other months, but there is also a higher chance of rain and cloudy weather.

If you are interested in photography, winter months might work best for you. The weather is sunny and there are fewer people visiting.

Summer in Lhasa

Typical winter temperature is between -5 to +10 °C/ 22 and 49 °F.


Weather in Shigatse

Weather in Shigatse is similar to the one of Lhasa, but winters are sometimes a little colder. Winter temperatures can range from -10°C/ 13°F to +5°C/ 40°F.


Southern areas: Samye, Tsedang. The elevation here is generally lower than in Lhasa, hovering a little over 2000 meters and the difference in temperatures is noticeable. Summers can be very hot


Everest Base Camp region


Mt. Kailash region


Western Tibet


Northern areas: Namtso lake, Golmud.



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