Tashi Delek! Greetings from Tibet!

Wonders of Tibet is the Tibetan travel agency, based in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. We started as a team of experienced Tibetan guides. Each has been leading groups for over 10 years. Throughout our work experience, we guided tours in different regions of Tibet, in all seasons.

Many of our clients returned back to have a tour with us and recommended us to their friends.

  • We speak English

    All of our guides are Tibetan. They speak Tibetan, English and Chinese.

  • No salespeople

    We don’t have sales staff on our team. All your tours are arranged by guides. That means you will receive the first-hand information about the places you are visiting. At the same time, it allows us to offer better prices.

  • Based in Lhasa

    Our travel agency is located in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. That’s where most of the tours begin since there are a large airport and a train station. Additionally, we arrange overland tours between Nepal and Tibet, where you can either begin or finish your journey at the border.
    More information about overland journeys from Tibet to Nepal, and from Nepal to Tibet»

  • Tours in different regions

    We arrange tours in different parts of Tibet Autonomous Region. Tibetan territory is vast, and the climate, culture, landscape are very different in various regions of Tibet. We are happy to arrange the tour that allows you to see the diversity of Tibetan plateau.
    More information about different destinations in Tibet»

  • Authentic experience

    Our travel agency provides an authentic experience. We strive to show you the real life of Tibetans. We take you to local Tibetan restaurants and tea houses, where ordinary Tibetans eat every day. If your itinerary includes a family visit, you will visit one of the Tibetan nomad families. We always help you to chat with local people.

  • Support local community

    We support local people and communities. We book your stay in Tibetan owned hotels and guesthouses, we arrange tours with Tibetan drivers. If you are planning to buy something, we can help you to locate Tibetan shops and handicraft stores.

  • No shopping tours

    We never include visiting stores in our itineraries. We don’t encourage shopping in stores, that pay commission.

  • Client’s feedback

    We are excited to share with you some of the feedback from our previous clients:

    Read our Client’s Reviews and Testimonials»

If you have any other questions, please contact us!

We will be happy to arrange your tour to Tibet.

Some of our visitors


Group tour visiting Jokhang Temple Certificate of Excellence

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  1. Елена
    | Reply

    Добрый день,
    Планируем поездку в Тибет с 7 по 12 июня.
    Нас – двое взрослых и 1 ребёнок 7 лет (выносливый).
    Хотим посмотреть основные храмы и Кайлас. Только самое интересное. На треки готовы, но не более 30 км. в день. Мы спортивные, везде готовы быстро, главное побольше увидеть за эти дни.
    Нужно полное сопровождение, Пермиты, транспорт и пр.
    Прилететь хотим через Китай, в Сичин. Но пока не уверенны. Как вы посоветуете.

    Просим пожалуйста рассчитать стоимость на эти дни и обозначить предварительно маршрут.


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