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In order to secure the tour, we usually ask for 10% of the total tour cost amount to be paid upfront.

To submit a payment we recommend one of the two reliable options: Bank transfer or PayPal. Please note, that regardless of payment method, you only pay the tour cost amount. We don’t charge any extra commissions or fees.

Once you are Tibet, you can pay us the remaining cost of your trip. We accept cash payments in Chinese Yuan or in US Dollars based on the current exchange rate. Alternatively, you can use PayPal to submit the payment.

Payment options

Wire Transfer

We accept wire transfers from your bank account to ours. If you choose to wire us the money, we will provide all the necessary bank details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM?

Yes. You can withdraw money from the ATM of the ICBC bank in Lhasa. The is 24-hour access to the ATM machines and there is a menu in English. However, sometimes ATM machines don’t work properly or don’t have enough cash. To avoid any issues, we advise having some cash with you as an alternative and a backup. When you travel outside of Lhasa, it might be difficult to find an ATM machine. We suggest taking enough money for your trip outside of Lhasa.

Can I exchange money in banks in Tibet?

Yes, you can exchange US Dollars in the Bank of China. Some branches of the Bank of China have special machines that can exchange currency. You need to bring your passport to use these machines. If the branch doesn’t have these machines, or the machines don’t work, you have to fill out forms and the bank workers will help you. Please, allow additional time for it (up to 30 minutes).

When you are traveling with our guides, they will take you to the bank and help you with the process.

What currencies other than Chinese currency, can be used in Tibet? Can I use my credit card and ATM card?

Only Chinese Yuan are accepted in Tibet as a payment method. Credit cards can sometimes be accepted, but there are only a few places that take credit cards, and they are mostly located in Lhasa. Cash payments remain the main payment method in Tibet, especially when you travel outside of the capital.


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