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Drak Yerpa

The Drak Yerpa heritage is located about 40 min of driving away from Lhasa. It is a large complex of temples, monasteries and meditation caves nested on the mountain. The elevation here is slightly higher than in Lhasa (a little over 4, 880 meters/ 16.000 ft)

King Songtsen Gampo and his two foreign queens are said to have meditated here in the Peu Marsergyi Lhakhang, where they discovered self-arising’ symbols of buddha-body, speech and mind, and in the Chogyel Puk. Later, Padmasambhava concealed many terma objects around Yerpa, including the celebrated ritual dagger of Sera (Sera Phurzhal), which was eventually rediscovered by the treasure-finder Darcharuba at Sewalung. Padmasambhava also passed some seven months in retreat in the Dawa Puk, which is regarded as one of his three foremost places of spiritual attainment (drub-ne). In the ninth century Lhalung Pelgyi Dorje stayed at Yerpa in solitary meditation, both prior to and after his assassination of the apostate king Langdarma.

Then, following the later phase of Buddhist propagation in Tibet, Yerpa came to greater prominence under Kadampa influence: Lu-me founded 108 temples on the hillside, including a Vairocana Lhakhang. Marton Chokyi Jungne founded the Jampa Lhakhang, and Atisha passed three years here, constructing with the aid of his foremost disciples, the Kyormo Lhakhang and the Chokhang.

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