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Ani Tsamkhong Nunnery, the largest and most active nunnery in Lhasa Tibet

Visit the Ani Tsamkhong Nunnery, the largest nunnery in Lhasa and the most active one. Aside from the nunnery itself, nuns are running a tea house and a traditional Tibetan hospital.



Detailed History

Visiting the Nunnery

You will enter a court yard decorated with many beautiful flowers. There are two main structures: the Assembly hall and the temple. It is surrounded by the living quarters of the nuns. We recommend visiting the assembly hall first. If you visit in the morning, you can see nuns chanting there. Nuns gather to recite texts of various scriptures.

You can continue the visit by going to the temple located to the right from the assembly hall. There you can see nuns preparing different amulets and inserting papers with prayers into prayer wheels.

Don’t miss the cave hidden in the back. The meditation cave have been there from the 7th century.


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