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Everyone arriving in Tibet from China must obtain a Chinese visa. For those who arrive from Nepal, the group visa is issued in Kathmandu. In addition, we apply for a Tibet Travel Permit for you.

Please read carefully the information below regarding it. If you follow the guidelines applying for Chinese visa, there are usually no problems with getting an approval.

If you already have a Chinese visa

Coming to Tibet from China

  • Tourist visa: you just need to submit the necessary paperwork for Tibet Travel Permit. Details»
  • Student visa: in addition to your visa, you should have a letter from the school stating the details of the purpose of your visit and a copy of your student ID card.
  • Work visa: in addition to a visa, please prepare a letter from work with details of the purpose of your visit with an official stamp and a copy of your work permit.
  • For all other visa types, please contact us for details.

Coming to Tibet from Nepal

If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal you still have to apply for the group visa. Details»

Chinese visa Application

Chinese visaImportant! When applying for a Chinese visa, don’t list Tibet on your travel itinerary. It will delay the visa processing time. The consul might require you to present a Tibet Travel Permit, which is impossible to acquire without a valid Chinese visa. Simply list any city in China as your travel destination such as Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, etc.

It is absolutely legal to travel to places that you didn’t list in the itinerary in your visa application.

You can apply for a Chinese tourist visa from your home country. You can also do so at most Chinese embassies or consulates based around the world.

Document requirements and cost of visa vary depending on the country of your citizenship.

The typical list of required documents for tourist (L) visa:

  • Application
  • Passport, valid for at least 6 months 
  • Copies of passport and previous Chinese visas (if you have any)
  • Passport Photo
  • Travel documents: flight tickets and hotel reservations (have to match the itinerary listed on your application).

You can always contact us and we will help you with the visa application.

If you have any questions about certain fields in the application form, please ask us before submitting it to the Embassy.


Chinese group visa for travelers from Nepal

Group visa obtained in NepalImportant! If you already have a Chinese visa and you are entering Tibet from Nepal, you still have to apply for a group visa. We will assist you with the application process. 

Group visa allows single entry to China. It is issued on a list of paper and not stamped in your passport. Individual applications for the group visa are not accepted by the Chinese Embassy. We will help you to submit your application through our trusted partner in Kathmandu. Please allow at least 3 business days for processing.

The group visa will include personal information on everyone within your group, entry and exit dates. To apply for this visa, you will need to have a visa invitation letter sent by a tour agency located in Tibet. Our office can prepare this for you, helping you secure the paperwork needed for travel.

Application Process

  1. Our trusted agent will meet you in Kathmandu.
  2. You will fill out an application and submit payment for the visa depending on the urgency and country of your citizenship (please refer to price section)
  3. Once the visa is approved, the agent will pick it up in the Embassy and return your passport and visa to you.


  • Application
  • Passport, valid for at least 6 months 
  • Copies of passport and previous Chinese visas (if you have any)
  • Passport Photo

Processing Time

We can submit visa applications from Monday to Fridays excluding holidays.

Depending on the urgency, a visa can be issued within 3-5 business days if we submit an application before 11 am. Please allow at least 3 full working days in Nepal to receive your visa.


The visa price consists of two parts: the visa fee and processing fee.

The processing fee is $20-$60 per person depending on the number of travelers in a group.

The visa fee depends on the nationality of the applicant. Please, refer to the table below:

NationalityOrdinary Service (5 business days)Urgent Service (3 business days)
US Citizen147179
Canadian Citizen96128
Romanian Citizen96128
Brazilian Citizen140171
Israeli Citizen5890
Panama Citizen85118
Argentinian Citizen65100
For Citizens of all other countries65100


Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)

Tibet Travel Permit
Tibet Travel Permit

The travel permit sometimes is referred to as “Tibet Visa”, which is not entirely correct. It is not stamped in passport. This is simply a paper listing the dates of your visit and your itinerary, allowing you to enter Tibet.

Note: Depending on your itinerary and places you are visiting, you might need an Alien’s Travel Permit and/or some other permits. We will apply for all necessary permits for you.

TTP is issued by the Tibetan Tourism Bureau Travelers cannot apply for the permit, only Tibetan travel agency can apply for the permit on visitor’s behalf. The permit will be effective for the time of your trip to the region.

Tibet Travel Permit Requirements

We will apply for the permit for you. Please provide the following documents:

  • Scan or photo of your passport page with the photo
  • Scan or photo of your visa
Aliens Travel Permit
Aliens Travel Permit

Cost and Processing Time

The TTP is free. Submitting an application for TTP and mailing it to you (when needed) is included in your tour cost.

It usually takes about 2 weeks to receive the Permit.

How to receive your Permit.

If you are entering Tibet from China

We will mail Tibet travel permit for you in this instance. Let us know where you are staying: the name and the address of your hotel, so paperwork can be sent to the correct location.

Alien travel permit for traveling in Tibet
Alien travel permit for traveling to certain areas in Tibet

Allow at least 2 business days to receive the permit.

You will be able to board the plane or to take a train to Tibet only with the permit.

If you are entering from Nepal

A guide will meet you at the time of your arrival at the airport with all the necessary paperwork.


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