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Chinese Group Visa

Group visa obtained in NepalThe Chinese Group visa is issued to travelers who enter Tibet from Nepal. Everyone traveling from Nepal can enter Tibet only with this type of visa. If you already have a multiple-entry valid Chinese visa, you still need to apply for a Group visa. Your current visa will be canceled. It is a single-entry visa, valid for a maximum of 30 days.

The Chinese Embassy won’t stamp this type of visa in your passport. The visa is on a separate sheet of paper. It lists all visitors traveling in a group and the dates of your tour in Tibet. Each member of a group tour will receive two copies of the visa. One will be collected upon arrival in Tibet, and another one upon leaving Tibet. All members of a group tour have to enter and leave Tibet at the same time. Although the name of the visa is “group” visa, solo travelers can also apply for it.

Below we explain the process of getting the visa in detail.

Tibet Travel Permit and Invitation Letter

Processing time: 15 days
Cost: free

First, you need to contact a tour agency in Tibet and send a photo or a clear scan of your passport’s page with a photo. You should also discuss the desired itinerary for your vacation in Tibet. The travel agency submits all necessary paperwork to the Tibetan Tourism Bureau and applies for the permit for you. Along with the permit, Tourism Bureau will issue an invitation letter and send it to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.

Chinese Group Visa Application

Processing time: 3-5 business days
Cost: refer to the table with prices below

The Chinese Embassy in Nepal requires Nepalese travel agencies to submit visa application documents. When you arrive in Nepal, you will meet with our partner agency in Kathmandu. He will submit all necessary paperwork to the Embassy. Please, note, you need to spend at least 3 full business days in Nepal. If you have any doubts, please, contact us before booking your tickets. Chinese Embassy is closed during both Nepalese and Chinese official holidays.

Documents Required:

The requirements are the same as for the regular Chinese Visa Application.

  • Chinese Visa Application
  • Passport, valid for at least 6 months
  • Copies of passport and previous Chinese visas (if you have any)
  • Passport size photo


The price of the Chinese Group Visa depends on the urgency and nationality. The service fee paid to our partner in Nepal is between $20 and $60 depending on a number of people in a group.

Below is the information about Chinese Group Visa cost:

NationalityOrdinary Service (5 business days)Urgent Service (3 business days)
US Citizen140178
Canadian Citizen84121
Romanian Citizen84122
Brazilian Citizen131168
Israeli Citizen4280
For Citizens of all other countries5189

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